WONDERLAND – Cara Brostrom

WONDERLAND (I’ve always wondered what was there, at the end of the Blue Line)

1) I am walking through a construction site at Wonderland and it is obvious to me that I don’t know where I am going. I feel as if my body language is shouting to everyone around me I DON’T KNOW WHERE I AM GOING so I put up my fur-lined hood and walk as if I have a destination.

2) There is a big fence with a NO TRESPASSING sign between me and the busy road and the sidewalk is covered in sand leftover from snow and the sun is in my eyes and I am the only pedestrian.

3) I am following a woman with bangs which curl like a letter “c.” We are walking down a street lined with storefronts with Spanish names. I follow her until she goes inside a busy bakery filled with cakes and pastries.

4) I am now in a residential neighborhood. I see many signs which read SLOW, CHILDREN but I am the only one on the street. I see another sign for GARFIELD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I recall that in 5th and 6th grade I also attended a Garfield Elementary School.

5) Just beyond the school I hear the sound of the T passing by so I walk until I can see the tracks. Then I walk down several streets which dead end at the rails as I search for the T station. Eventually I find pedestrian access to Revere Beach station, but instead of entering I take a little detour to stand on the beach. I pick up a piece of shell and put it in my pocket.