We blindfolded ourselves and drew the path we felt – Sarah Stern

I got lost with my friend Julia Rooney. We took bikes, paper, and writing instruments, and boarded the first public bus that came our way (the 1). Once on the bus, we blindfolded ourselves, set our pens to paper, and began to draw the path we felt. The bus moved in a straight line for most of the trip. I felt that I understood the trajectory along which my body was moving, but I lost track of where I was along that trajectory, and then eventually lost track of where the path was taking us.

We stayed on the bus until the last stop. We had originally planned to use our hand-drawn maps to find our way home, but decided that we would most enjoy our last moments of being lost by roaming freely before finding ourselves in South Boston and biking back to Cambridge from there. The attached PDF is the map that I drew while on the bus, documenting the moments in which I most lost track of where I was in space.