Parade for the Future

Parade for the Future

Come on, come all to a Parade for the Future! Let’s celebrate what hasn’t happened yet, notably the impending submergence of our city under water due to climate change.

On Sat, Sept 13th, Platform2 will lead a Parade for the Future in the form of a giant blue wave. We will gather outside the Park Street T station at 4PM. From there, the parade will proceed along the flood line of the neighborhood, tracing a worst-case scenario future geography from the year 2108. We will all be wearing blue and carrying a giant wave.

There will be scuba divers and sharks and seaweed. There will be music and swimming!

Wear blue. Trick out your bike. Bring your kids. Bring your pets. Wear a costume (mournful, maudlin or magnificent). Just show up.

Publication. A book of images of the some 350 ribbons placed around Boston Commons and the Public Gardens and surrounding streets is available for purchase at Blurb (photographs by Rob Coshaw)