Iconography of Climate Change

Iconography of Climate Change

A digital silkscreen production workshop with Robert DaVies

Polar bears… Melting glaciers… Pine groves… Green arrows…
Blue skies…Stranded penguins… Al Gore…
Parched earth… Powerpoint… Sprouted seedlings… Reusable bags…

What are the images that we associate with climate change? Where are the inspiring designs that might instigate change or revolution? This afternoon workshop will use digital media and silkscreen techniques to critically analyze, deconstruct and revision these lame icons of climate change in the media.

We provide:
Silkscreening demonstrations
Tools for digital production and archiving
Tunes & greens (to use and to eat)

You bring:
T-shirts, bags, patches, pants and other printable materials

We will have a wall of images for inspiration and collage. If you won’t be in town for the event – send us your images! We’ll add them to the wall.

Lets come up with a new visual language that will help to change the world!