I felt like an intruder – Angela Wu

For this project, I decided to document the experience of being disoriented at a large club that I’ve never been to before. It was at “No Tomorrow,” a dubstep night at Machine Nightclub. I went by myself, without knowing anyone, and simply wandered around. Even though it was a confined space, it was nevertheless disorienting to not know anyone and therefore, not know where to go next. I felt like a spectator and an intruder, whether watching strangers play pool, taking cell phone pictures of dancers, or simply exploring the space. I became increasingly lonely, which was to be expected, but also, increasingly anxious. I wondered whether people were noticing me and also, whether they were judging me for not having friends. We are so often without friends, but this usually happens in familiar places–the university campus and our neighborhoods. To be without friends and completely self-contained, in a place meant to facilitate interaction, I felt my anxiety become almost overwhelming and the act of leaving the confines of the club–of calling a taxi and going home–was all that I wanted after barely an hour. Here, in this image, I have stitched together some of my pictures to hopefully reproduce the feeling of disorientation as well as to mimic the smeared quality of late-night memories.