Get Lost

Get Lost

Learning to de-locate ourselves

Thursday, March 10th, 4PM – 6PM
Harvard Map Library, Cambridge, MA
In conjunction with Gregory Sholette’s class “Dark Matter: Art & Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture”

In today’s hyper-geo-located world it can be hard to de-locate oneself. Yet experiences of decontextualization and confusion are essential to forming new attitudes, boundaries, and relationships to the world around us. We invite you to reflect on getting lost with us.

Getting Lost Participants & Their Documentation

The Invitation

Here’s how it works:

1. RSVP to
2. We will send you an inspirational reading (“Getting Lost” by
Franco Le Cecla) and instructions for documenting your journey
3. Get Lost
4. Email us your documentation (10 images & text)
5. Show up to the conversation on 3/10 and share your experience with us

One note: You may choose the site and the method to get lost but note that we mean “get lost” very literally – to dislocate and disorient your body in physical space, to not know where you are, to be confused about where to go next. Please do not interpret it metaphorically as it is much harder these days to lose oneself literally. And please don’t lose yourself on the Internet or in a video game, screen, movie,
book or device. It is far too easy to lose yourself by not being present to the world around you.