Failure Support Group

Failure Support Group

failure1.jpgWhat: Failure Support Group
Where: Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn St, Harvard Sq., Cambridge, MA
When: Friday, Feb 29th, 6:30PM

Art projects fail a lot, particularly those that are participatory, public and/or social. They fail for different reasons and cause myriad revelations. Nevertheless, the structures that we use to talk about these works and contexts where they are presented often don’t leave room for discussing the failures plainly and objectively.

We’re interested in failure– in its relationship to creative production, artistic rhetoric and public presentation. So interested, in fact, that we want to share ours and hear about yours.

We invite you to join us for a Failure Support Group, an evening survey of failed processes and failed projects (yours and ours). Is there, actually, a recipe for failure? Are certain methodologies more prone to failure than others? How? What is at stake in acknowledging failure – in one’s process, one’s community, or one’s career?

Bad coffee, ‘nilla wafers, and accordion accompaniment provided.

Present your failure:

This event involves a series of 5-minute presentations and open discussion. RSVP to this email if you want to present your failure in 5 minutes (space is limited). No RSVP required to participate in the discussion.