Disorientation as Drawing – jafroon

On Saturday March 5th 2011, Sara Stern and I made “movement drawings” of a 45-minute, blindfolded bus ride from Harvard Square to Roxbury. I used a roll of tracing paper and marker; she, a drawing pad and pen. Blindfolds on, we started our lines at 4:03: we drew the movement of the bus – turning, progressing straight, stopping, turning – until the driver told us it was the last stop. At 4:45, we got out, took our blindfolds off and got on the bikes we had brought. Without looking at our movement maps, we headed down the street, following the “felt movement” of our ride – generally straight. At 5:45, we arrived back in Cambridge.
I have not yet seen Sara’s drawing, and I first looked at mine while unrolling it on the scanning bed. We took no photographs, nor video footage: the trip is only recorded by our respective drawings of “felt terrain.” Our trip home, in turn, was guided only by the motions we had drawn.